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Ever since I moved away from the city and into the suburbs I’ve been whining nearly non stop about the lack of choices when it comes to good quality take out. My home is besieged with pamphlets and letter box drops on a nearly weekly basis promoting pizza, pizza and more pizza, oh and the odd chinese restaurant every now and then.

So… my first few adventures into Asian take out in the suburbs didn’t fare too well. Choices were limited to anything and everything coated in thick batter, deep fried and dunked in some kind of thick gloopy sauce. I mean, who eats this stuff in the 21st century?!

Finally, I surrendered to the realisation that a lack of choice was probably a good thing. I would cook more at home, save money and pay off my mortgage much faster than I ever intended lol!

Then something kind of amazing happened last year. A new restaurant opened offering budget friendly dine in options as well as home delivery! And it wasn’t pizza or honey chicken on the menu, they had authentic Vietnamese meals included in their menu. But of course these were included alongside your usual westernised Asian fare, but I really shouldn’t complain lol.

What can I say, Quan Ngon Vietnamese Restaurant is damn tasty and very budget friendly. It is a family run business and the staff there are super friendly and informative about the food they serve.

Their menu includes a large variety of homestyle Vietnamese dishes, pho, broken rice, steamboat (lau), cold rolls, banh mi, amongst other things….I’ve had the quail there a few times, it’s always cooked to perfection and finger licking awesome!

The spicy noodles (bun bo xue) is for those who like it really hot, with bits of beef and tripe floating around in yummy stock, sooo good.

Crispy noodles for those who are a little less adventurous with their palates….I’ve also had the soft shell crab and red duck curry, both were fantastic. You can get a feed here for under $15, which in my opinion is pretty good for the quality of food they serve.

If you live somewhere around the inner north or near Main North Road, pop in and give this place a try, you won’t regret it.

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