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tc2food blog 028T Chow has long been one of my favourite places to indulge in some fine Chinese food in Adelaide. Their dishes range from simple things like handmade noodles and eggplant hotpots to more challenging things….crocodile, tofu skins, chicken feet and beyond. Two of my favourites are their famous t-chow duck and the fried oyster omelette, both a mouth watering ‘must try’ and a traditional staple on the restaurant menu for many years.

tc1food blog 030Only recently did I discover, they now do yum cha. Unable to resist the temptation I wandered down a few months ago with some friends to try it out.

tc8food blog 016

steamed rice pastry with prawns

Being a weekday, there were no trolleys in sight unlike the weekends, a tradition which makes the experience so much more fun.

tc6food blog 015

steamed prawn and chive dumplings, fried glutinous rice balls with chicken and mushroom

So off we all went again a few weekends ago and lady luck was smiling favourably upon us.

tc5food blog 024

ox tripe in ginger sauce

Trolleys whizzed about in the restaurant carrying a dizzying variety of pretty little bite sized delights to choose from. To me, that’s half the fun of yum cha, not knowing what tasty surprise each little morsel will bring.

tc4food blog 021

crispy prawn balls

You just point to something that looks kind of funky, cute or a little odd and take your chances, and more often than not, the surprise is well worth it.

tc3food blog 017

deep fried beancurd wrapped seafood

T Chow has outdone themselves again, this time with their yum cha menu catering for the many diverse palates out there. There are friend things, steamed things, smoked things, spicy things, sour things, sweet things and so on….the list on the menu is huge.

tc7food blog 023

char siu bao

The food is served hot and fast and service is delivered with a smile. The waiting staff are prompt, well informed and only too happy to help in the instance when indecision strikes. The bill for 3 voracious diners came to $55, not too bad considering the range of treats on offer. T chow is an oldie but a goody and a definite ‘must eat’, again and again and again.

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